2020 mini camp prospect skate

The SIUe Hockey Program is proud to announce it's 2020 Mini Camp Prospect Skate. This years camp will consist of 4 evenly skilled teams competing against each other in front of both D-II & D-III coaching staffs. There will also be an optional tour of the SIUe Campus on Saturday between game times. Don't miss out on an opportunity to become apart of a rapidly growing hockey program and school!

Fill out our registration form and send it in by April 19th:

Who can register for the 2020 SIUe Mini Camp Prospect Skate?

  • Seniors in High School

  • Players playing at the Junior level.

  • Anyone interested in attending SIUe for the 2020 Fall school semester.

What the 2020 SIUe Mini Camp Prospect Skates offers? 

  • 4 games (See Schedule Below)

  • SIUe Mini Camp Jersey

  • SIUe Campus Tour

  • Opportunity to be scouted by the D-II & D-III coaching staffs. 

  • Compete in a fast paced tournament against highly talented players. 


April 24th Friday: 5:30pm - Check In

April 24th Friday: 6:00pm - Mandatory Meeting (Meet D-II & D-III Coaching Staff and Tournament Team Coach & Captain) 

April 24th Friday: 7:00pm - Team King A/C vs Team Elite Hockey Camps

April 24th Friday: 8:20pm - Team Old Bakery Brewery vs Team Environmental Resources

April 25th Saturday: 9:00am - Team King A/C vs Team Old Bakery Brewery 

April 25th Saturday: 10:20am - Team Environmental Resources vs Team Elite Hockey Camps

April 25th Saturday: 12:00pm - Tour Of SIUe & Edwardsville

April 25th Saturday: 7:15pm - Team Elite Hockey Camps vs Team Old Bakery

April 25th Saturday: 8:35pm - Team King A/C vs Team Environmental Resources

April 26th Sunday: 12:15am -  


April 26th Sunday: 1:35am


April 26th Sunday: 1:45pm - Final Meetings

Hotel Information for Edwardsville:

Located 3 minutes from Campus and 15 minutes from the East Alton Ice Arena:


Pre-register by filling out the request below and send in the above Registration Form!

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